9 Shooting Tips for Improved Accuracy

Shooting Tips for Improved Accuracy

Hitting your target while shooting is one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world. But honing these skills can be challenging, and many people feel discouraged when their shots are inaccurate. 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced shooter, everyone can take steps to improve their precision and get closer to hitting their target consistently. Feeling confident and having the right positioning are key to refining your skills and becoming a better shooter.

Learn more with our shooting tips to improve accuracy.

1. Use a Target

One of the best ways to improve shooting accuracy is practicing with a target. If you are a beginner, your first objective is to work on hitting the target. Once you make contact consistently, you can set more challenging goals, like keeping your shots within a smaller accuracy margin. 

As you hone your skills, you can move the target farther away and put your mastery to the test — a target stand makes it easy to adjust the target’s location. Try to maintain your precision at each distance. From there, you can get targets of different sizes and shapes to challenge yourself further.

2. Keep Your Grip Firm

Another tip for becoming a better shooter is perfecting your grip. Remember to handle the gun with as much control as possible. Keep your hold tight so there is no room between the gun and your hands. This grip prevents unnecessary kickback when the firearm is recoiling. 

When it’s time to shoot, squeeze the trigger instead of pulling it to minimize any shakiness. Remain firm and keep your gun high and pointed at your target, even if it is moving. 

Always follow through after you fire your gun. The right grip can help your accuracy and set you up for success. 

3. Use the Front Sight

An easy way to improve shooting is using the gun’s front sight. It may seem obvious, but excited beginners tend to watch their targets rather than focus on their precision. The front and back sights are there to help with your aim, so you should use them. 

If you want to boost your accuracy, practice lining up both sights on your firearm with your target. Focus closely on the front sight and pull the trigger when the sights are perfectly aligned. 

Sight alignment can be tricky because our eyes don’t focus on two objects at once. Be sure to prioritize lining up the front sight until you get the hang of it. 

4. Practice Without Ammunition

Shooting without real ammunition is a great way to become more comfortable handling your gun. 

Practicing without bullets is much quieter and allows you to work on being less reactive toward the gun’s recoil and noise. Maintaining stability and minimizing jerkiness is key to enhancing your accuracy. If you know what to anticipate, you’ll be able to hold your gun more securely during and after shooting. 

Dry fire practice will help you anticipate the noise and movements better. Some people place a coin on their front sight and work on keeping it in place while they fire. You can also practice with dummy rounds and work on minimizing any flinching as you pull the trigger.  

Practice shooting without bullets to improve accuracy

5. Correct Your Stance

The right shooting stance will give you more stability. It helps with your sight alignment and managing the gun’s recoil. If you work on positioning yourself in a comfortable way, you can improve your accuracy and feel more secure handling your gun. 

While there are a few different stances you can practice with, a beginner can start with their feet shoulder-width apart with the leg that is opposite of their dominant hand slightly forward and the other slightly back. This position will give you a strong base for handling any kickback or jumpiness after firing. 

6. Practice Often 

While it may seem obvious, practicing is crucial. You can’t expect to shoot with precision after one visit to a range. If you want to improve your accuracy, you must work on your skills often. 

Practicing with and without ammunition and with different firearms can help you build confidence and become more comfortable pulling the trigger. If you want to become really good at hitting your targets, plan on practicing as often as possible. 

7. Control Your Breathing

Shooting a gun can make anyone feel jumpy and nervous. If you want to improve your accuracy, you’ll need to manage these anxious feelings. Practicing breath control can help you return to a calm state. 

When people are clear-minded and relaxed, they tend to be less reactive. This is beneficial for shooting with precision and staying stable. 

Before shooting, take a minute for some deep breaths. As you feel ready, you can step up and get in position. When you are prepared to shoot, take another breath. Slowly exhale until your lungs feel half full, and hold your breath for the shot. 

8. Take Breaks

Fatigue can also impact your ability to hit your target. Taking regular breaks while practicing shooting is important. Your arms will inevitably tire after holding up the firearm for a while. 

Resting will help you continue to shoot with the correct form. As people spend their energy, they tend to let themselves slack off. Having a break will help you recenter and remember all the small details for getting the most accurate shot.

When working on a new skill, resting between learning sessions can improve your memory and performance. Taking a break is a valuable part of target practice.

9. Turn to a Professional

Another helpful tip for improving your shooting accuracy is to turn to a professional. You can take a training course or schedule a one-on-one lesson to refine your skills. Shooting without proper instruction can lead to bad habits that can be challenging to kick with retraining. 

Spending time with a professional allows you to ask any questions you have and get pointers from someone with experience. Having assistance can make you feel more comfortable behind the gun. 

A professional can also help with important safety reminders and guidance. Feeling safe is essential to focusing on your skills and remaining calm while you practice. 

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