Step 1 of Assembly

Fasten two legs together by putting tabs into holes farthest from tabbed end on other leg.


Step 2 of Assembly

Complete the same process with the other two legs. Line up legs as shown below


Step 3 of Assembly

Insert tabbed ends into first set of slots and push down to secure.


Step 4 of Assembly

Now that base is complete, Insert 2×4. (Not Included)


Step 5 of Assembly

Assemble top bracket assembly.
For gong targets: insert bolts in front two holes.
For bigger targets: shift bracket back and screw in bolts to one of the back positions. There are 3 total positions to make sure your target doesn’t hit the 2×4..


Step 6 of Assembly

Place top bracket assembly on 2×4 and screw or drill in 2 wood screws (provided) to secure top bracket. Also, screw in 2 wood screws (provided) into the base for added support.


Step 7 of Assembly

Put a bolt through the middle hole on the target and on the back side of the bracket.
Secure the washer and screw on the bolt.


Step 8 of Assembly

Enjoy your new Falcata Target stand! It’s complete and ready for shooting.
As always, reach out if you have any questions or concerns at help@falcatacompany.com!
Happy shooting!

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