AR500 Shooting Targets

All of our targets are designed and manufactured right here in the USA using the latest and greatest fiber laser technology. Unlike most other businesses, we handle the design and manufacture of our shooting targets in our own facility from start to finish. By keeping these processes in-house, we can ensure our products meet our strict quality standards. We take pride in supporting the American steel industry.

AR500 Steel Gong Shooting Target


AR500 Steel Hog Shooting Target


AR500 Steel Gong Shooting Targets (3 Pack)


AR500 Steel Silhouette Shooting Target


AR500 Steel Steer Shooting Target



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Shooting AR500 steel targets is a fun and effective way to practice your shooting technique and aim. Falcata Company offers metal shooting targets designed to hold up to long range days for firearm owners such as:

  • Beginners who want to improve their aim.
  • Recreational gun users participating in shooting competitions.
  • Law enforcement officers practicing their techniques.
  • Hunters working on their accuracy for hunting season.

About Our AR500 Steel Shooting Targets

Falcata Company manufactures shooting targets in the USA, with quality in every design element:

  • Durable steel: We only use high-quality AR500 steel 3/8 or ½ inches thick. Most rounds cannot penetrate this sturdy metal, so these AR500 shooting targets can handle many hits over the years. 
  • Powder coating: All our metal shooting targets are powder-coated white for high visibility in all conditions.
  • Instant feedback: The design of our shooting target gives you audible confirmation by emitting an instant, satisfying ring when you hit.
  • Energy absorption: At Falcata Company, we take shooting and your safety seriously. Our metal shooting targets take most of the bullet's energy to minimize the risk of ricochet.

Our AR500 steel shooting targets are available in many shapes and sizes:

  • Steel gong: Our gong target is a great option for many shooting applications. This product is available in 6-, 8- or 12-inch sizes. Can't decide which size you need? Get all of them in our gong three-pack.
  • Steel silhouette: Our silhouette target is 12 inches by 20 inches with many mounting options. Use the steel silhouette target for law enforcement, military and self-defense training.
  • Animal shapes: If you're a game hunter, you'll like our hog-shaped and steer-shaped shooting targets. Each of these designs has a powder coating and provides ringing feedback.

All these AR500 steel shooting targets are compatible with our target stand.

Why Order AR500 Shooting Targets From Falcata Company?

Falcata Company is an established professional in the shooting target business. We started manufacturing metal products in 1992, giving us over 30 years of experience in perfecting our shooting target construction and design. Our focus is your satisfaction as a customer and user of our shooting targets and accessories.

In addition to using durable AR500 steel, we use computer numerical control (CNC) and laser-optic technologies for precise cuts and high-quality surface finishes. You can expect your USA-manufactured shooting target to be easy to install and long-lasting.

When you order your shooting targets from us, we'll keep you in the loop with full order tracking. Check when we processed and shipped your order and when you can expect it to arrive. All orders over $150 qualify for free shipping in the United States.

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Falcata Company has AR500 steel shooting targets ideal for all skill levels. Explore our collection of products on our website, place an order and get ready to hit the range with our shooting targets and accessories.