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Laser cut to precision

Laser cutting, which uses an intense beam of light to cut materials, has become a standard procedure in the metal fabrication industry. The combination of laser optics and computer numerical control (CNC) technology provides a precise cutting process that produces an edge with a high-quality surface finish.

Metal Wall Décor and Monograms

Split Letter Monogram


Metal Wall Décor and Monograms

Vine Monogram


Metal Wall Décor and Monograms

Metal Dice And Cards Sign


Address Signs

Metal Address Plaque 7


Quality Materials

At Falcata, we only use top quality materials for all of our products. We believe in building a brand that provides an incredible product that looks and feels great. We stand behind the product we manufacture and we know you’ll love the quality. True custom detail with quality craft.


Incredible Gifts

Our products make the perfect gift. Whether you’re buying a custom sign for decoration, or buying the hunter in your family high-quality targets. They’ll love the quality, craftsmanship, and value our products represent.


AR500 Shooting Targets

Our AR500 shooting targets are durably built and powder coated for protection, and feature two or three hole designs to easily install on a stand or mount. The AR500 targets manufactured by Falcata are designed to give instant ringing feedback.

AR500 Steel Gong Shooting Target


AR500 Steel Gong Shooting Targets (3 Pack)


AR500 Steel Hog Shooting Target


AR500 Steel Steer Shooting Target


AR500 Steel Silhouette Shooting Target


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