Whether you use shooting targets recreationally or professionally, you need a reliable stand to hold them. Our AR500 and wood target stands are built to last and simple to assemble, so you can focus on what matters during your next practice session.


Falcata Company Target Stand

About Our Shooting Target Stands

Features of our target stands include:

  • A sturdy base: Sitting on four legs made with AR500 steel, this shooting target rack has one of the most heavy-duty bases in its class.
  • Easy assembly: Follow our walk-through to see how easy it is to put the stand together when it arrives.
  • Angled mounting: Targets mount to the stand at a 20-degree angle for safety during shooting practice.

You can also choose a shooting target rack with a thickness of 3/8 inches or ½ inches. The former can withstand rifle and pistol calibers up to 7.62, while the latter is ideal for rifle rounds up to 3.38.

View our target stand walk-around video for a look at the setup. You can also watch our video demonstration to see how the target works in action.

Material Information

Our target stand for steel targets is made with AR500 material and sturdy wood. The steel is powder-coated for better visibility. It’s also lightweight and abrasion-resistant.

AR500 is a cost-effective choice for shooting targets and racks because it’s durable enough to withstand multiple uses, even in harsh environments.

Buy a Target Stand From Falcata Company Today

Enhance your experience during your next shooting practice with a sturdy AR500 and wood target stand from Falcata Company. Order yours today — and be sure to explore our steel targets to complete your setup.

Additional information
Weight 12 lbs

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