Choosing the Right Metal Sign for Your Home

Choosing the Right Metal Sign for Your Home

Metal signs are a great decorative option for any home. Whether you want a personalized design or a classic style, metal signs can give your home a new and attractive update. Choosing the right one for you might seem tricky with all of the styles available. Luckily, when you keep your preferences and circumstances in mind, you’re sure to find the best metal sign for your home.

Here’s an overview of choosing a metal sign for your home.

How to Decide on a Metal Sign

The first step in deciding on a metal sign is considering your preferences. Every home’s layout is different, so a metal sign might fit differently depending on your house. There are also some other things to consider:

  • Location: Before selecting a design, consider where you want to place your metal sign. Do you have enough wall space to hang it carefully? Do you want it in the kitchen or in a hallway? Would you prefer it outdoors? If you want to place your metal sign outside, you might want to look at more durable options. Either way, think about where you want to locate it before choosing your outdoor or indoor metal art.
  • Design: Consider which style you want before selecting a style for your sign. Metal art is available in many styles, from three-dimensional to flat. If you have a design in mind, like a picture or letter, think about what format you want for the sign. From there, you can start looking at specific design choices.
Metal Sign Design Options

Design Options

The great thing about metal signs is that they’re available in several options. Whether you have a specific style in mind or are looking for some ideas, check out these design option examples:

  • Family-oriented signs: Many families want to accentuate their homes with an individualized metal sign. With a customizable family metal sign, you can implement a family name or initial onto your wall art. This style lets you show off your family pride or adds a flair that makes your place feel like home. Just choose a font and color, then submit the name you want to portray, and you’re all set.
  • Monograms: Monograms are the perfect way to display initials, brands or symbols. You can add one or two symbols to make a unique design all your own. Metal materials are ideal for monograms because you can shape the material into any letter design you want. Simply choose the letters or symbols you want and place your order.
  • Address designs: Display your address with a personalized metal address sign outside your home. Outdoor metal signs are highly durable, so they can stand up against wear and tear for years. You could hang it or prop it up, depending on your preference.
  • Specific designs: You can also browse various metal signs for specific pictures or designs. For instance, this metal mountain deer design is a unique piece of artwork for your home. On the other hand, this metal beach sign could be beautiful in your hallway. Even if you don’t have a specific style in mind, you can find numerous unique art styles to suit your home perfectly.
  • Special occasions: Lastly, many metal signs are a perfect decoration for special occasions. Whether you’re decorating for a wedding, a dinner party or anything in between, you can customize a metal sign for your needs. For example, check out this metal heart-shaped design for a wedding decoration.

Custom Design

You might have a particular design in mind for your metal artwork, but none of the existing frames match your tastes. Fortunately, you can also create a completely custom metal sign. With a personalized sign, you’re in charge of its style, allowing you to create the exact art you want.

You can choose every part of your sign, including:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Design

Custom metal can suit a variety of spaces, from offices and reception rooms to porches and beach houses.

Best Practices for Hanging Metal Wall Art

Once you find the right metal design, it’s time to think about how you’ll hang it. If you want to place your metal sign or art indoors, it’s essential to learn to hang it without damaging your wall. Metal wall art is typically much heavier than other wall decorations.

Here are a few hanging options for metal signs for home:

  • Magnetic hanging tools: Magnetic hanging hardware is a durable and safe option for hanging your wall art. All you need to do is screw in the magnets and hang your sign. Magnets make it easy to move your sign around, so you can make a design change whenever you need. Check out Falcata Company’s magnetic hanging hardware for a versatile, heavy-duty tool, perfect for supporting metal signs.
  • Velcro hanging strips: Another option for hanging your wall art is with Velcro hanging strips. These tools are cost-effective and strong, ideal for a metal sign. Velcro strips are available in a variety of sizes, so you can find the best option for your sign’s dimensions. Many styles are also easy to remove, peeling off without taking off paint or harming your wall.
  • Nails: Many people also hang their designs with nails, a trusted method for many home decorations. You tap or hammer the nail into place on your wall, then use it as a resting point for the metal. Because metal designs have more weight, you might need more than one nail to secure your sign.
Explore Falcata Company's Metal Signs Today

Explore Falcata Company’s Metal Signs Today

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We create our metal designs with the latest technologies, providing customers with high-quality and beautiful metal decorations. Our ordering process is simple — select your favorite design, add any customizations and place your order.

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