Falcata Company is your source for bull shooting targets made in the United States using high-quality materials. Our AR500 steel targets are built to last, and they’re ideal for professional or recreational use.


AR500 Steel Steer Shooting Target

  • 14″ x 20″ in size
  • ½” thick
  • Built to last
  • Powder coated for high visibility in all conditions
  • Two hole design, providing multiple mounting options
  • Our targets are designed to give instant ringing feedback
  • Perfect for any game hunter

About Our AR500 Steer Shooting Targets

Resembling the head of a bull, these targets are ideal for game hunters who want to practice shooting. The specifications for this product include:

  • Size: These steer practice targets measure 14 inches by 20 inches to mimic the approximate size of a bull’s head.
  • Thickness: Bull shooting targets are available in thicknesses of ½ inch or 3/8 inches to accommodate multiple-caliber pistols and rifles.
  • Mounting options: The two-hole design makes mounting simple and provides the flexibility to adjust the target.
  • Feedback: Our targets provide instant ringing feedback to enhance your practice experience by verifying a hit at distances.

Material Information

Steel steer shooting targets from Falcata Company are made from AR500 material that’s powder-coated for increased visibility. The steel is lightweight and abrasion-resistant, and our targets are heat-treated to maximize wear resistance. This process makes them high-impact and increases their hardness level. Our bull shooting targets have a rating of 477-534 BHN, the equivalent Brinell hardness of military-grade armored steel plating.

AR500 steer shooting targets can withstand challenging environmental conditions. Targets made from this material offer several advantages:

  • Reliability: Durable steel targets tend to last longer than ones made from lower-quality materials.
  • Energy absorbency: AR500 steel absorbs energy with impact, helping to reduce ricochet risks during shooting practice.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Since they are designed to withstand repeated use, AR500 steel targets are a cost-effective choice.

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Additional information
Weight 15.2 lbs

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